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The Children of Dahab, South Sinai are joyful, colourful and never camera-shy. During my time in Egypt they captured my heart more than anything else. Every day I would go for a walk and come across boys and girls, Bedouin and Egyptian, playing on the streets or at the beach. As soon as they saw me taking photographs they would gather their friends, run over and beg me to take more. This book is dedicated to all the beautiful children I met.

All photographs taken with the Apple iPhone 4 using the Hipstamatic and Leme Cam apps.

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With candid depictions of life in the streets around the world, photographers include me (Allie Astell), Lecia Badran-Doane, Allan Bedford, Clay Butch Benskin, Hans Borghorst, Estevan Calcagno, Rosanna Cappiello, Roger Clay, Christophe Gremaud, Aaron J. Heiner, Michael Hyman, Arjan van der Horst, Eliano Imperato, Martin van de Kreeke, Jennifer Lee , Jessy Menchaca, Stefan Naurin, Paul Posadas, Natali Prosvetova, Marie Raffalli, Flemming Schmidt, Andrew David Shaw, Steve Stern, Noel de Los Reyes Villa, Cara Gallardo Weil, Anders Wesslรฉn and Steve Wewerka.

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Candid depictions of life in the streets around the world. Photographers include me (Allie Astell), Lee Atwell, Lecia Badran-Doane, Rosanna Cappiello, Fiona Christian, Roger Clay, Gina Costa, Alex Dejecation, Mikey Dela Peรฑa, Donna Donato, Alon Goldsmith, Christophe Gremaud, Vivi Hanson Sacerdote, Arjan van der Horst, Eliano Imperato, Martin van de Kreeke, Heline Lam, Ric Maniquis, Jessy Menchaca, Christine Mignon, Paul Moore, Simone Muresu, Pajamadays Nobu, Natali Prosvetova, Marie Raffalli, Catherine Restivo, Noel de los Reyes Villa, Michelle Robinson, Flemming Schmidt, Andrew David Shaw, Mark Allan Smith, Roberto Ursino, Cara Gallardo Weil, Anders Wesslรฉn, Steve Wewerka and Matthew Wylie. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Mรฉdecin sans Frontiรจres.

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I'm Allie Astell.

Born in Morocco to a Syrian mother and English father, as a child, I travelled much of the world with my parents.

My web consultancy business allows me to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, which enables me to indulge in my two real passions โ€“ travel and photography.

It was the iPhone, and particularly the Hipstamatic app, that got me into photography in Spring 2011. Once I started taking shots I was hooked.

My most recent trips have been to the Middle East (Syria, Morocco and Egypt), Norway and Las Vegas (for their Beard and Mustache Championships).




A self-confessed iPhone addict, Hipstamatic, Instagram and Leme Cam are my favourite apps for photography.

I'm currently based in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt and have been for the past three years now. Thatโ€™s where my passion for mobile photography really began.

This website is dedicated to my late Syrian mother, Hayfa, and my father Geoff, who inspired my fascination with travel and the Middle East. I would also like to thank my sister Jenny, my grandmother, Hilda May Plant, and my partner Sofian for their constant love and support.

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