Gone to the Dogs

Allie and DoraMe and Dora

Charlie the BoxerCharlie

Stevie and BellaBella and Stevie

I thought I'd write a short and sweet little entry to let you know I've discovered a real love of all things dog.

My sister Jenny has a Fox Terrier called Dora. Since she started wearing a neckerchief I seem to have formed an attachment to her far more than ever before. She loves her morning lie ins, makes funny little noises to remind us she wants attention, and I'm pretty sure she has a higher IQ than me. But then that's not hard... ;-)

Add to this that I've been spending quite a lot of time in London with two Boxers - Bella and Charlie. Real characters and a breed that I can't step on accidentally while cooking or cleaning. They snore, sleep and mooch around in such a loveable way that I've decided when I have the time and space for a dog it will be a Boxer for sure.

If it's a dog's life, I'm in.