Children of Dahab

The Kids Are Alright

Ahmed, a small Bedouin boy, in Nabq

There's a standing joke amongst many of my friends and even the taxi drivers in Dahab that each and every single child here knows me. I think it's largely due to my Children Of Dahab book which I published about 18 months ago.

Perhaps the older generations have passed on wise advice to their siblings. "See that woman with the funny sunglasses on and long dark hair? Her name's Aliya, and she'll buy you chocolate and mango juice if you let her take your photograph."

Everywhere I go I hear kids shouting "Aliya, Aliya!" behind me, then smile as I listen to their scampering bare feet as they catch up, hold my hand and chatter away about their day.

So imagine my surprise when I took a day trip to Nabq at the weekend with some good friends. The beach is a protected area about an hour from Dahab. Just getting there takes a 4 x 4 and some stamina if your driver fancies himself as a potential Formula One superstar. It's isolated, stunning. A place to explore, think and put life into perspective away from all the hustle and bustle of the small tourist town I live in.

We arrived, bones a little shaken, and wandered down to a lagoon next to thick mangroves and a spectacular shipwreck. The water was as still as a millpond, silent and a beautiful multi-layered, shimmering turquoise that would be hard to recreate in any painting.

As I watched one tiny figure in his mask, snorkel and flippers and wondered where he'd come from, he swam towards me, stood up and shouted "Aliya!".

On closer interrogation it turned out his name was Ahmed, he was from Dahab, and I once bought him a chocolate bar in the local Ghazala Supermarket. This was possibly about 3 or 4 months ago.

My friends were crying with laughter, and I was speechless. Perhaps it's true that every child in Dahab really does know me?

Health & Safety Notice: No teeth were harmed during the writing of this article... I always advise the kids to clean them twice a day and have even been known to buy them toothbrushes and toothpaste. ;-)


Exciting Times...

Boy with three ducklingsThis is a first for me. My very own website, focusing mainly on my travel photography. I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I'll be keeping this blog updated with new pictures I've taken, plus little stories about my life. Hopefully you'll be kept entertained!

A very special thank you to my friend Cara Gallardo Weil, who designed my beautiful logo and has been a real inspiration.

It was, in fact, Cara who invited me into a very special Facebook photography group back in April 2011, and helped fire up my passion for iPhoneography.

I would also like to thank Mike Saunders of Saunders Artwork, who designed my Children of Dahab book and has been a constant source of encouragement and support.

And finally, my PR expert and all-round amazing brother-in-law, Mark Sowerby, thought up the name "Allie's Eye". Thank you Mark, I love it!

Bye for now and watch this space as this is, and always will be a work in progress...

Love Allie xxx