Picture Of The Day

Mondi and Leo

Happy New Year to you all! I wish you a wonderful 2013 full of promise, health and happiness.

One of my resolutions is to update this blog with a picture a day, so here's the first. My friend Mondi in Dahab, South Sinai and his beloved kitten Leo.

Mondi owns a safari business here in Dahab, South Sinai called Nomad Safari and he also has a little fruit and vegetable shop where he spends most of his time. Leo has proved to be a trusty little assistant!

The Largest Egg In The World?

a very large eggI'm back in the U.K. for a while and have been house sitting for some good friends of mine in Bath.

As they have two cats (Roo and Red) and three chickens (Angel, Winnie and Honey), one of my jobs is to make sure the animals are fed and watered, and given a little tlc every day.

Having never looked after chickens before, working out how to get them back into their coop every night has been a steep learning curve. I find two brooms (one in each hand) and some gentle verbal persuasion generally works a treat.

There's something very calming about the sound of contented chickens. A Facebook friend asked me if I ever hear them purr, and I actually believe I can.

Today I found 7 eggs in their nesting area, one of which is the biggest I have ever seen! I thought I'd take a snap to record the moment before I made a delicious scrambled egg lunch. It turned out to be a double yolker... ;-)