Bedouin Arts And Crafts In South Sinai

Bedouin embroidery

The Bedouin women of Sinai make the most wonderful handicrafts. Galabaya (traditional long dresses), scarves, bags, and cushion covers to mention just a few. They're usually made of black material and then intricately hand stitched, using the brightest colours of cotton you can imagine. Almost neon. It tends to be the older generations who still have the knowledge to embroider in this way, so sadly it could be a dying art.

My dream is to completely fill my house with these colourful pieces. They cheer up the cloudiest day and provide instant sunshine - the Prozac of soft furnishings perhaps?

Keep an eye out when you visit and make sure you buy these gifts for your family and friends. You'll be supporting a very important industry for the Bedouin women, children and families.