Getting Juicy With Freshly Squeezed Pomegranates

man squeezing pomegranates

Last night my friend Tracey and I paid a visit to Asalah, which is the main hub of fruit shops, supermarkets, home and electrical stores plus all manner of little places to eat and drink in Dahab. It's such a lively place and I love going there at least once a week for a mooch. We were there on an evening visit to the vet, but that's a whole different story I will regale you with another time.

After dropping off the cat (with feelings of incredible guilt - yes you've guessed the operation it was about to have), we decided to grab some pomegranate juice, and I took a few shots to show you how amazing this stuff is. Egyptian pomegranates are so succulent, sweet and reasonably priced that you could eat a couple a day and I often have it in my morning porridge with a little black seed honey and some almonds. Great for your immune system!

If you ever visit Dahab, make sure you try this juice, or another firm favourite here - a freshly pressed sugar cane drink, with lime to cut the sweetness. Delicious and so refreshing in the sweltering summer!

pomegranates cut in half

two glasses of pomegranate juice