How To Catch And Kill An Octopus

Girls and octopus

Well my resolution to upload a picture a day hasn't gone too well, mainly due to a hectic schedule over the past few days! Must try harder and I will... ;-)

Yesterday I had an amazing Bedouin breakfast at the home of a lovely family I'm friends with, and then we went to the beach to enjoy some winter sunshine.

The two girls pictured here caught an octopus. In case you don't know, they're picked up with a stick from the sea, speared through the head and then bashed hard against a rock around 40 to 70 times to tenderise them ready for cooking and eating.

Today I went back to the house for lunch. Octopus cooked with rice, onion, and tomato, served with fresh salad from their garden of bounty. A true delicacy and highly addictive! If you've never tried it, don't be put off by the tentacles...